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NWAAF: March Powerful Pint Partner

We are so excited that Northwest Abortion Access Fund is our Powerful Pint partner for March!


Founded in 2017, Northwest Abortion Access Fund is an abortion fund serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska. Trained, compassionate volunteer advocates run their toll-free hotline. They help people pay for abortion care by sending funding directly to the clinic. They also help people get to and from clinics and make sure people traveling for care have a safe place to stay.

Making a Difference

According to Pew Research, nearly one million people a year received an abortion in recent years. With access to reproductive healthcare becoming increasingly difficult in many states including Idaho, the work that NWAAF is doing to ensure Idahoans can get the care they need is more important than ever. In the last year, NWAAF is proud that they have been able to increase their volunteer pool, hire paid staff, and continue to provide funding for people in need.

Lost Grove x Northwest Abortion Access Fund

Here’s what we are doing this month to support NWAAF:

  • Powerful Pint Night: Sex Ed Trivia - Join us on Sunday, March 5 for a very fun game of Sex Ed trivia hosted by The Millenial Sexpert! 50% of taproom proceeds from this whole day will go directly to NWAAF. Learn more.

  • Powerful Pint Beer: Buy a Cherry Darlin’ Kettle Sour anytime in March and $2 from each glass will go directly to NWAAF.

  • Round Up At Checkout: When you visit the taproom in March, round your tab up to the nearest dollar to donate your change to NWAAF. Those little donations will add up to make a big difference at the end of the month!

More Ways to Support

None of the work NWAAF does would be possible without the help of their volunteers and supporters. If you are passionate about reproductive healthcare and abortion access in Idaho, please consider making a donation directly to NWAAF.



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