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Redside Foundation: May Powerful Pint Partner

We are so excited that Redside Foundation is our Powerful Pint partner for May!

Meet Redside Foundation

Started in 2010, the Redside Foundation supports and strengthens the professional outdoor guiding community. They serve Idaho’s guides through education, training, and support services, including removing the barriers to access to mental and physical healthcare and substance abuse counseling for guides in need.

Making a Difference

Over 300 guides have used the Redside Foundation’s Guide Helpline. Each year they award twelve $500 professional development grants and five $1000 scholarships. Additionally, they host gatherings such as The Redside Rendezvous and Health Fair that build connection and community as a strong support system is the number one factor in adaptive mental health.

When Redside Foundation started, they hoped that they could save just one life. Since then, they are aware of multiple lives saved by the work of their organization. But even more importantly, they hear over and over that they are the thread that holds the guiding community together.

According to the owner of Canyons River Company Greg McFadden, "The Redside Foundation has not only defined itself as the industry model for prioritizing the mental health and welfare for guiding communities nationwide, but it has literally become, for Idaho, the fabric of what now defines a guiding community. It has been the lifeline to tie together Idaho’s many small guiding communities under one common strength and purpose… taking care of its own and bettering the world for it."

Lost Grove x Redside Foundation

Here’s what we are doing this month to support Redside:

  • Powerful Pint Night - Wednesday, May 31: Join us on the sunny Lost Grove patio for a concert from JCDC featuring Jeff Crosby benefiting Redside Foundation. Tickets are $15. Plus, 50% of taproom proceeds from this day will go directly to Redside Foundation. GET TICKETS.

  • Powerful Pint Beer: Buy a Margot Amber Ale anytime in May and $2 from each pint will go directly to Redside.

  • Round Up At Checkout: When you visit the taproom in May, round your tab up to the nearest dollar to donate your change to Redside Foundation. Those little donations will add up to make a big difference at the end of the month!

More Ways to Support

None of the work Redside Foundation does would be possible without the help of their volunteers and supporters. Please consider making a donation directly to Redside Foundation.

Redside Foundation is also holding a raffle this month for a raft and full raft setup! This is an exciting opportunity to support the amazing work of this nonprofit for a chance to win a full raft package.



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