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It's not just about the beer.

Lost Grove Brewing strives for sustainable practices that help the environment through sourcing locally and reducing waste; socially responsible efforts that positively impact our communities through connection and support;  and brewing recipes that create really great beer to tie it all together. We work tirelessly to join these components to help us leave the right footprint as we seek our own lost groves.

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Powerful pints

Lost Grove’s Powerful Pints is an innovative program designed to not only raise funds for local non-profits, but to raise awareness about the amazing work these groups are doing in our city.  Due to the effects on our business as a result of COVID-19, Powerful Pints will look a little different in 2021. We will be focusing more on awareness, promotion, and gaining volunteers for our Powerful Pint partners and reintroduce the fundraising and sales donations in 2022. Because of this, each of our twelve organizations in 2021 will also roll over into 2022. 


Returning in 2022: The second Tuesday of each month, one of our partner non-profits will join us for our Powerful Pints night at the brewery.  Lost Grove will not only donate 50% of proceeds that night, but will also give our customers a chance to learn more about some amazing local foundations.  In addition to our Powerful Pints night, we will continue to donate $2 for every beer purchased from a designated tap handle for the rest of the week. We have also included a $2.50 donation from every Powerful Pint crowler sold online for pickup. 

For more information or to suggest a worthy non-profit, please email: 

February Partner

 Inclusive Idaho is working to address and seek remedies for entrenched inequities in varying facets of Idaho culture and policies which manifest themselves in broad exclusionary practices that negatively and disproportionately impact members of marginalized, underrepresented, and under-served communities. By addressing the systemic and structural issues that exist in Idaho’s education, civic, recreation, and governmental realms, as well as providing support for those who remain outside of the reach of current social programming through our programming and efforts, we believe that we have a chance in creating a positive shift in the cultural and ideological mindset of Idaho.

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Lost Grove Brewing Acknowledges that we reside and distribute in the native land of the shoshone-bannock, soshoni, & Northern Paiute Tribes