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teddy bear picnic

golden session ale

5% ABV
Hops: Meridian & Mandarina
Grain: 2 row dextrapils, Flaked oats

Kids need a favorite teddy bear. You need a favorite everyday beer. Like a beautiful picnic in the park on a sunny afternoon, our Teddy Bear Picnic Golden Ale is bright, light, and refreshing. With strong notes of tangerine and grapefruit, this delicious brew is a wholesome and cheerful all-day drinking buddy.

first sight

india pale ale

6.5% abv
Hops: Summit, Centennial, mandarina, & meridian
grain: 2-Row Malt, flaked oats, dextrapils, Acidulated malt

Sky rockets in flight, afternoon First Sight! Whether you’re looking for your next go-to beer to get serious with or casually trying something new, First Sight is an excellent choice. Brewed with four varieties of hops, it has robust juicy hop character and well-rounded bitterness. Delicious and quaffable, this delightful IPA is a crowd-pleaser. And our motto’s always been, when it’s right, it’s right.

teeny tiny cowboy

Everyday beer

4.1% abv
hops: Mandarina
Grain: 2 row, munich, oats

It's not always easy to agree. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Tacos or sushi? A fun night out or a quiet night in? If you're looking for something everyone can get on board with, check out Teeny Tiny Cowboy Everyday Beer. Super light, refreshing, and easy to drink, Cowboy is a hit with craft beer lovers and domestic enthusiasts alike. The perfect pint.


india pale ale

7.0% ABV
Hops: Chinook, Simcoe, & Mosaic
Grain: 2-Row Malt, Pils, Crystal Malt, Wheat

There’s only so much time left in this crazy world… spend it with a Crumblin’ Erb. IPA enthusiasts will love this beer’s crispy, juicy, bitter taste. Enjoy the hints of your favorite green plant (pine, of course) and revel in the refreshing aromas that will get you feeling high on life. A pint of Crumblin’ is sure to usher in chill vibes and good times.

ghost town

Coffee Hazelnut porter

6.5% ABV
Hops: Summit
Grain: 2 row, munich, chocolate malt, black barley oats

Ghost Town Porter tastes like sitting on a tailgate in October watching the sunset in the western sky. With the warmth of a cup of fresh-brewed Dawson Taylor coffee, sweet nuttiness, and a dark fruit body, Ghost Town is a delicious and beautiful dark beer with a clean finish. We recommend pairing this porter with an Eilen Jewell album and a cozy blanket.

*Contains Hazelnut Extract*



4.8% ABV
Hops: mandarina
Grain: 2-row, vienna, munich, rye

Margot is not your average Amber. Sure, she’s got a beautiful color, a caramel nose, and a robust malty body. But she’s more complicated than she appears. Clean, approachable, but with a bite of spice and a dash of rye — she’s the girl you can take home to mom one weekend, but she’ll break into your house and steal your golf clubs the next. Either way, you won’t be bored.

the robot series

hazy ipas

check our menu for the current selection!
hops: tbd
grains: tbd

Ah, behold the Robot Series, where we annually introduce four rotating hazy IPAs that'll make your taste buds do the robot dance. Each brew is a juicy, hoppy delight that's so delicious, it's practically robotic perfection. We've got names like Robot Zombie, Robot Monster, Robot Grizzly, and Robot Dentist — because nothing says "fear factor" like imagining these things coming to life as mechanical marvels. Take a peek at our menu to see which Robot is gracing our taps at the moment. 

the disappointed series

double ipas

New release coming soon!
hops: tbd
grains: tbd

We unleash three or four Double IPAs in our Disappointed Series each year on a rotating basis. These are brewed strong enough that if you drink a few of them your behavior is sure to be disappointing. With beer names like Disappointed Dad, Disappointed Karen and Disappointed Brad (our lawyer), we pay homage to those we disappoint in our moments of overindulgence.

barrel-aged beers

small batch

current artist in residence:
Jennifer parks

Since 2022, we've been unleashing a lineup of five meticulously crafted barrel-aged brews annually, each boasting its own unique style and aged to perfection in a myriad of barrels. Alongside this epic brewing endeavor, we kickstarted our Artist in Residence Program. The labels adorning our barrel-aged beauties showcase captivating artwork from local talent each year.

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