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leave the right footprint

Our mission

Lost Grove Brewing strives for sustainable practices that help the environment through sourcing locally and reducing waste; socially responsible efforts that positively impact our communities through connection and support; and brewing recipes that create really great beer to tie it all together. We work tirelessly to join these components to help us leave the right footprint as we seek our own lost groves.

We are proud to be certified by ClimateHound as a carbon neutral beverage producer. By calculating, offsetting, and reducing our carbon footprint, we're contributing to environmental justice and creating a better world for generations to come. Cheers to our shared future!

Lost Grove’s Powerful Pints program is designed to raise awareness about the amazing work nonprofits are doing in our city and throughout Idaho through a quarter-long partnership and fundraising efforts.

Established in 2017, Lost Grove works to empower nonprofits working in our local community in a multitude of ways. After years of tinkering the program has become more focused for 2024. This year we have chosen 4 amazing non profits to focus our efforts on. Each nonprofit will be featured at our Hyde Park and La Pointe locations for 3 Months each! During each 3 month period,  Lost Grove and our nonprofit partner will work to raise awareness and fundraise. Help us, help our partners by Rounding Up your change at check out, donating directly to the organizations, volunteering, or attending one of our fundraising events.

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Lost Grove Brewing

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Lost Grove Brewing
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