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PAWS Rescue: January Powerful Pint Partner

We are so excited to ring in the New Year with our first Powerful Pint Partner of 2023: PAWS Rescue!

Meet PAWS Rescue

Founded in 2013, PAWS Rescue set out with a focus on rescuing dogs and cats from high-kill shelters and other dangerous situations including abuse, neglect, homelessness, abandonment, and more. The fine folks at PAWS find furry friends in need and transport them into loving foster homes using a network of homes and no-kill facilities throughout Southern Idaho.

When animals are rescued, PAWS makes sure they receive veterinary evaluations and care, including getting spayed or neutered, getting needed vaccines, and any other medical treatment they need to have a healthy life.

Making a Difference

Every year in the United States, 4-5 million dogs and cats are euthanized in animal shelters. That’s 11,000 every day of the year. PAWS wants to be part of the solution. They are proud of the fact that they helped a local rural animal shelter go from an 80% euthanasia rate to just 10%. PAWS also helped the shelter increase spaying and neutering - an act that helps overpopulation and impacts the lives of thousands of animals. Since 2013, PAWS has helped thousands of animals across Idaho and they look forward to helping thousands more.

Lost Grove x PAWS Rescue

Here’s what we are doing this month to support PAWS:

  • Powerful Pint Night: Pong with PAWS - Join us on Sunday, Jan 22 for a yappy hour followed by and beer pong tournament! 50% of taproom proceeds from this whole day will go directly to PAWS. Learn more.

  • Powerful Pint Beer: Buy a Disappointed Neighbor Double IPA anytime in January and $2 from each pint will go directly to PAWS.

  • Round Up At Checkout: When you visit the taproom in January, round your tab up to the nearest dollar to donate your change to PAWS. Those little donations will add up to make a big difference at the end of the month!

More Ways to Support

None of the work PAWS does would be possible without the support of their network of foster homes, shelters, donors, and sponsors. Here are some ways you can support PAWS:

  • Adopt or Foster an Animal: PAWS is always looking to expand their network of fosters and loving homes for their rescue animals. Check out their adoptable cats and dogs here. Or reach out to them via Facebook if you want to sign up to foster! Adopt.

  • Donate Directly: When you make a donation to PAWS, none of your costs go to employee or administrative fees. PAWS is operated fully by volunteers. Your donations go to transportation, housing, medical care, and spaying and neutering animals in need. Donate.



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