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Boise Period Project: November Powerful Pint Partner

We are so excited that Boise Period Project is our Powerful Pint partner for November!

Meet Boise Period Project

We gather menstrual products to create period packs for those experiencing period poverty in Boise. We distribute and connect directly to the community and homeless shelters. We also aim to end the stigmas that surround both periods and poverty.


Boise Period Project aims to recognize that all gender identities menstruate, not just women. As well as you do not have to menstruate in order to be considered a woman. Boise Period Project cares about the education of reproductive health and menstrual hygiene of everyone they serve. The major goal being, ending the stigma of both period and poverty. Boise Period Project does not use the term "feminine hygiene" because they do not want to hide behind a euphemism about a natural bodily function. There are too many negative stereotypes about the homeless. Too often their humanity is stripped from them. They are people and they deserve to have their basic needs fulfilled no matter their circumstances.

Product Donation!

Boise Period Project is always looking for product donations for their period packs. Items include:

  • Tampons (any size + unscented)

  • Regular Thin Pads Only (No super or overnight, unscented)

  • Individually wrapped cleansing wipes (No Bulk Wipes Please)

  • Reusable Menstrual Cups +Discs

Donations may be dropped of anytime during business hours at:

Trailhead Boise

500 S 8th St

Boise, ID 83702

Or at either Lost Grove Location During the Month of November.

You can pick up a period pack or menstrual cup anytime during Trailhead Boise’s hours of operation; M-F 9:00am-5:00pm! If you need more than 2 packs or cups, please schedule a time for us to meet you.

Boise Period Project Office

Trailhead Boise

500 S 8th St

Boise, ID 83702

Lost Grove x Boise Period Project

Here’s what we are doing this month to support Boise Period Project!

  • Powerful Pint Night - Wednesday, November 8th 7-9pm: Join us at our La Pointe location for Bingo Night. 50% of the taprooms profits will go directly to Boise Period Project.

  • Powerful Pint Beer: Buy a Margot Amber anytime in November and $2 from each pint will go directly to Boise Period Project.

  • Round Up At Checkout: When you visit both La Pointe and Hyde Park locations in November, round your tab up to the nearest dollar to donate your change to Boise Period Project. Those small donations add up to make a big difference!

  • Donate Period Pack Supplies: Drop off period pack supplies at either Lost Grove location during the month of November.

More Ways to Support

Please consider making a direct donation to Boise Period Project by dropping of period pack supplies or clicking here!


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