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lost grove brewing

A lost grove, whether it be a forgotten thicket, wooded forest, or an endless beach, is much more than just a destination. It is a feeling, an idea, and more importantly a mindset.  With our vision for sustainable environmental practices, socially responsible efforts, and world class craft beer; our goal at Lost Grove Brewing is to help our customers get lost, to live in the moment, to be present, and enjoy the here and now. When you find yourself on a journey to Find Your Lost Grove, we ask that you to take us with you, in spirit and in a can.

local. fresh. different.

our local brewing philosophy

Our passion for sustainable practices that positively impact the environment and our community is paramount in every decision we make during the brewing process.  From sourcing all the way to the tap we pledge to reduce waste, buy local, and use our brand for good.

where the magic happens

Boise brewery and taproom

Located in downtown Boise, our 70 seat, dog-friendly, craft beer tasting room sits directly adjacent to our brewing facility.  Large windows separate the space to give you a view into where we get our hands dirty.  Newly added outdoor seating on our front and side patios provide plenty of space for safe social distancing to enjoy one of our draft beers and food from one of our local rotating food trucks. 

Come grab a beer and let us help you get lost.  


leave the right

At Lost Grove Brewing, we craft beer and experiences that encourage our customers and

communities to leave the right footprint as they live in the moment, dream, and embark on

journeys that lead them to find their own lost groves.

Want to plan a COVID-friendly holiday event for your staff? Need a safe, creative team building idea? Book one of our virtual tastings today!

$45/person includes:

Guided virtual tasting with Lost Grove's owner, Jacob Black

6 - 8oz Lost Grove beers

Lost Grove tasting glass



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1026 S. La Pointe St.

Boise ID 83706

Lost Grove Brewing Acknowledges that we reside and distribute in the native land of the shoshone-bannock, soshoni, & Northern Paiute Tribes