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Margot is not your average Amber. Sure, she’s got a beautiful color, a caramel nose, and a robust malty body. But she’s more complicated than she appears. Clean, approachable, but with a bite of spice and a dash of rye — she’s the girl you can take home to mom one weekend, but she’ll break into your house and steal your golf clubs the next. Either way, you won’t be bored. 

4.5% aBV
Hops: mandarina
Grain: 2-row, vienna, munich, rye



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four year festbier

marzen-style ale

6.4% abv
hops: mandarina
grain: Pils and vienna

To celebrate Lost Grove's four-year anniversary we created our very first Oktoberfest Marzen-style ale! This beer is crisp, clean, and has some malty sweetness. It's fall in a glass and is best enjoyed while admiring the changing leaves and wearing your favorite sweater.