Our Teddy Bear Picnic Golden Session Ale is bright and light bodied, 

boasting strong notes of tangerine and grapefruit.  Followed by a clean and refreshing finish, it's the perfect all day drinking buddy.

Meridian Hops, Mandarina hops,
2 row dextrapils, Flaked oats
5.1 ABV

teddy bear picnic golden session ale

HuS Beer

Lager-Style Ale

4.1 abv

Light and crispy. We brewed this beer for our second taproom and sushi bar, Lost Shack. Tastes like a lager, but brewed like an ale.  

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1026 S. La Pointe St.

Boise ID 83706

Lost Grove Brewing Acknowledges that we reside and distribute in the native land of the shoshone-bannock, soshoni, & Northern Paiute Tribes