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2023 Shade City Beer

Gotta try 'em all

This year, we have more than 30 breweries each bringing two beers scattered throughout the Idaho Botanical Garden. Use the map (coming soon!) below to find your favorite breweries and check out which beers they brought to the fest! 

SC -  Map - 2023.pdf (1).png

Shade City MAp

Breweries are grouped into zones so you can try more than one brewery in each area of the garden. There are also breweries along the trail up to the barrel-aged bar so you don't get too thirsty on your hike up there! 

Check out all of the zones to see unique and beautiful sections of the garden and try delicious beers along the way.

The beers

Find your new favorite beer at shade city

Beers on this list are highlighted in different colors based on the style. Here is a key to help you scan and find which beers you want to try first!

Zone 1

Lost Grove Brewing

  • Teeny Tiny Cowboy Everyday Beer 

  • Totally Lost Cucumber Mint Seltzer

  • Robot Squid Hazy IPA

  • Ghost Town Coffee Hazlenut Porter 

HighPoint Cider 

  • Tramline Mosaic Dry-Hopped Cider

  • Alpenglow Raspberry Mint Lime Cider

White Dog Brewing

  • Blood Orange Hef

  • Pineapple IPA

Sockeye Brewing

  • Una Mas Lime Lager

  • Dagger Falls IPA 

Sierra Nevada Brewing 

  • Pale Ale

  • Summerfest Lager

Boise Brewing

  • Fair Dig Irish Red

  • Snowboarder Porter

Mother Earth Brewing Co

  • Pineapple Boo Koo IPA

  • Forgotten Trail Golden Ale

Mad Swede Brewing

  • Sunstone Hazy IPA

  • Danegold Golden Ale

Zone 2

Radio Brewing Company 

  • Idaho Sexy Huckleberry Wheat

  • Scotch Ale 

Bauman's Cider

  • Boysenberry Lemonade Cider

  • Orange Blossom Cider

Ten Pin Brewery

  • Groove Pineapple Wheat

  • Angle Amber

SELTZ Beverage

  • Spicy Pineapple Margarita

  • Pea Diddy Collins

  • Blackberry Mojito

  • Ginger Mule

Payette Brewing 

  • Sofa King Delightful

  • Sofa King Fearless



  • Passion Fruit Ginger Beer

  • Blackberry Lavender Lemonade

  • Salty Grapefruit Paloma 

  • Garden City Sasparilla (made with Chaga mushrooms) 

Cafe Mule 

  • Cold Brew Coffee (will be available for purchase, not included with ticket) 

Free Spirits Beverage Company

  • Rose Cosmo mulled cranberry shrub with chamomile, lavender, rose, and dandelion plus lime. 

  • Cherry + Chill is a black and tart cherry, lemon verbena shrub with lemon balm and Meyer lemon cordial

Zone 3

Spring Creek Brewing Company

  • Blood Orange Wheat

  • Cascadian Dark Ale

Bear Island Brewing Company

  • "CucumBear" Cucumber Kolsch

  • Tater Tot Belgian

Cloud 9 Brewery

  • Scottish Heather

  • TBD

Loose Screw Beer Co.

  • Abeericano Coffee Brown Ale

  • SANTE aux FOUS Saison

Woodland Empire

  • Royal Juicy Hazy IPA

  • The Premium Pilsner

  • Bicycle Picnic Saison 

  • City of Trees IPA 


Alliteration Ales

  • Arrowrock American Kolsch

  • Reds Refenge, Water Wesel Wheat

Iron Horse Brewery

  • High Five Hefe

  • Double Rainbow Red IPA

Bend Cider Co.

  • Guava Hibiscus

  • Mulberry Rose & Light Hop

Lewis and Clark Brewing Co

  • Mexican Lager

  • Halo Huckleberry

Fort George Brewery

  • Surging Waves Rice Lager

  • Fanzine IPA

Aslan Brewing Co.

  • Dam Hippie Italian Pilsner

  • Strawberry Habanero Disco Lemonade

Odell Brewing Co.

  • St. Lupulin Extra Pale Ale

  • Sippin' Pretty Fruited Sour

Grand Teton Brewing

  • Teton Breeze Fruited Sour

  • Land of Many Waters IPA

Uinta Brewing Co.

  • Lime Pilsner

  • Baba Black Lager

Edge Brewing Company

  • Habenero Cream Ale

  • Peach Cider

Warfield Brewing Company

  • Raspberry Hibiscus Blonde Ale

  • Fjord Lord Norwegian IPA

Hopworks Brewery

  • Carbon Farmer Hazy IPA

  • Cactus Attactus Prickly Pear Sour

Hop Valley Brewing

  • Stash Panda Hazy IPA

  • Cryo Crispies Juicy Lager

Meriwether Cider

  • Wake Up and Dance

  • Rosé Cider

Zone 4

Mountains Walking Brewery

  • Junegrass IPA

  • Yamabiko Lager

Breakside Brewing

  • Cuddle Puddle IPA

  • What Rough Beast IPA

Western Collective Brewing

  • Best of the West - Bottle Logic Collab Double Cold IPA

  • Peak Juice IPA 

pFriem Family Brewers

  • pFriem Lager

  • Super Saison

Harland Brewing

  • Tropical Daydream Sour

  • Western Tropics Double Dry Hopped WC IPA


Shades Brewing

  • Pina Colada Sour

  • Sounds Gay, I'm In - Prickly Pear Sour

Barrel-aged & Specialty release beer Schedule

Friday, 4/21

5-6 pm

Lost Grove Brewing

  • Morning in the Mountains Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels with hazelnut, cocoa nibs, and Neckar coffee

  • Found in Space

Super Saison aged in gin barrels

6-7 pm

Sierra Nevada 

  • Barrel-Aged Narwhal

Imperial stout with notes of espresso, baker’s cocoa, roasted grain, and a hint of smoke

7-8 pm 


  • Brandied Apple Cider

Cider aged in an apple brandy barrel for 6 months with hints of oak

8-9 pm


  • Cuvee Sortir

Wine barrel aged Saison blend 


  • Barrel-Aged Black Lager

Whiskey barrel-aged Baba Black Lager

Saturday, 4/22

1-2 pm

Woodland Empire 

  • Ada County Stout 

Stout aged in whiskey barrels and rum barrels with raw cocoa and Neckar cold brew coffee


Fort George Brewery

  • Matryoshka Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Imperial stout aged for one year in whiskey and bourbon barrels

2-3 pm


  • Woodcut #9

 Imperial IPA aged in American oak barrels with notes of vanilla, almond and dried fruit, as well has tropical fruit aromas from dry-hopping. 

3-4 pm

Bear Island Brewing

  • Quadruple Car Garage 

A collab with Mother Earth Brewing. A Belgian Quadrupel aged 8 months on medium-toasted Hungarian Oak barrels.

4-5 pm


  • Lambic Inspired Ales, Barrel Aged Saison V 

Slightly dry, oaky Saison aged in sauvignon blanc barrels​ 

5-6 pm

Sockeye Brewing 

  • Midnight Cuvée

Midnight Cuvée contains five distinct barrel-aged dark beers from different vintages in varying proportions. A milk stout with cocoa nibs aged in bourbon barrels, a Russian imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels, a classic brown porter aged in applewood smoked whiskey barrels, an imperial schwarz bier aged in port wine barrels, and an imperial stout aged in port wine barrels.

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