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Wish Granters: July Power Pint Partner

We are so excited that Wish Granters is our Powerful Pint partner for July!

Meet Wish Granters

Wish Granters is a non-profit organization located in Boise, Idaho focused on improving the quality of life of terminally ill adults and their primary caregivers by granting wishes and supporting projects in the local community, thereby providing opportunities for these adults and their loved ones to have positive life experiences. Most of these wishes are heartwarmingly simple in nature, and allow the recipients the comfort, independence, and dignity that they deserve.

Making a Difference

Wish Granters is the only adult wish-granting organization in Idaho, currently serving Ada, Canyon, and Gem counties, with a goal to expand into additional counties.

To date, Wish Granters has granted more than 350 wishes. YOU are the sole reason these wishes can come true. More wishes are coming in all the time, and we need your continued help to make them happen. Please join Their cause!

2023 Wishes Granted

These are just a few of the wishes granted so far in 2023!

Tom – His wish was for new windows so that his wife could be warmer in their home. Tom and his wife were thrilled with the new windows. Many thanks to Window World for their help in granting this wish (this is the SECOND time Window World has helped make a wish come true).

Cathy – Her wish was for a lift chair so she could get up easier. Cathy said it’s perfect! Many thanks to Norco for donating this chair and making Cathy’s wish come true.

Betty – Her wish was to have a lift/sleep chair. Her daughter said she slept so well in the chair! Many thanks to Mobility City for helping to make this wish come true.

Anonymous Recipient – This wish was to go to Disneyland with family members. Many thanks to Get Away Today and Karmel Shuttle for helping make this wish possible.

David – His wish was to have a BBQ on Father’s Day for family and friends. Unfortunately David passed shortly before it could happen, but we went ahead and had the celebration of his life for his family and friends. Many thanks to Idaho Pizza Company, Abbott BBQ, and Bouncin Bins Idaho for helping make this wish possible.

Ted – His wish was to have a lift chair so he could be more comfortable. Many thanks to RC Willey for their help in making this wish possible.

Lost Grove x Wish Granters

Here’s what we are doing this month to support Wish Granters:

  • Powerful Pint Night - Tuesday, July 25 4-8pm: We are celebrating the awesome work Wish Granters does with tropical themed patio party! Come an enjoy some delicious pizza specials and cold refreshing beer while listening to the talented Blaze and Kelly! Come share your support and dress for the theme.

  • Powerful Pint Beer: Buy a Lt. Dan Orange Cream Ale anytime in July and $2 from each pint will go directly to Wish Granters.

  • Round Up At Checkout: When you visit both La Pointe and Hyde Park locations in July, round your tab up to the nearest dollar to donate your change to Wish Granters. Those small donations add up to make a big difference!

More Ways to Support

Wish Granters does not receive any state or federal funding, so they rely exclusively on the generosity of community members, businesses, grants and fundraisers.

Please consider making a donation directly to Wish Granters!


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