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Winter Beer Festival: THE BEERS


TRICKSTER BREWING CO. AMERICAN AMBER 5.9%ABV: Clear amber ale with caramel malt characteristics, delicately blended with northwest hops to create a nice citrus and floral aroma and flavor. Couer d'Alene, ID

GRAND TETON BREWING Co. BLACK COULDRIN STOUT 9.5%ABV: 2019 GABF Silver Medal Winner, thick and rich, brewed with caramel and roasted malts subtly spiced with cascade and gelena hops. Victor, ID

UINTA BREWING CO. BIRTHDAY SUIT SOUR 5%ABV: Apricot fruited berliner weisse. Salt Lake City, UT

ODEL BREWING CO. MOUNTAIN STANDARD IPA 6.5%ABV: Mountain Style IPA brewed with modern, American hop varieties bringing tropical aromas of pineapple, orange, and mango. Triple dry hopped. Fort Collins, CO

ASLAN BREWIN CO. SATAN'S AIRPORT 9.5%ABV: rich and intense imperial milk stout brewed with 50lbs of coffee. Looks and smells like a rich, roasty americano with hints of cocoa. Bellingham, WA

MATCHLESS BREWING THE TREAT 9.5%ABV: Snickers! Notes of roasted peanuts, caramel and nougat laid the base for a rich milk chocolate milk stout. Tumwater, WA

Section 2

TERMINAL GRAVITY BREWING. Fugettaboutit IPA 5%ABV: light yet mouth watering with a hazy straw color, bright mouthfeel, citrus aroma, and slightly herbal finish. Enterprise, OR

MADSWEEDE BREWING. Helm of Awe Porter 6%ABV: robust oatmeal porter, smooth, malty, roasty, and complex. Boise, ID

pFRIEM FAMILY BREWERS. Pilsner 4.9%ABV: brilliantly gold, aromas of fresh grass, spring flowers, with a touch of lemon zest, zesty spiciness, touch of honey, finishes crisp. Hood River, OR

PRAIRIE ARTISAN ALES. Rainbow Sherbert 5.2%ABV: a sour that tastes like a melted rainbow sherbet ice cream cone. Oklahoma City, OK

BREAKSIDE BREWING. Wunderlust IPA 6.4%ABV: 2019 Brussels Beer challenge gold medal winner, brewed with 5 different hops, intense grapefruit and dank notes with a crisp finish. Portland, OR

ALASKAN BREWING CO. White 5.3%ABV: soft, slightly sweet base with unique spice aroma of coriander and crisp, citrus finish of orange peel. Juneau, AK

Section 3

WOODLAND EMPIRE. Schwarzbier 5.4%ABV: rich and dark german lager that blends the robust characters of a stout with a crisp clean finish of a lager. Boise, ID

WOODLAND EMPIRE. Big Catalpa 7.9%ABV: Boise, ID: west coast double ipa featuring the crisp essence of pilsner malt that compliments the citrusy combination of cashmere, simcoe, amarillo, eureka, trident, sultan and Idaho 7 hops.

MERIWETHER CIDER CO. Winter Warmer 11%ABV: barrel aged in Basil Hayden Bourbon barrels for 6 months, apple cinnamon with a tiny hint of cherry Boise, ID

Section 4

Sawtooth Brewing Pika Peanut butter Stout 5%ABV: goes down like a trail bar after a long hike, made with Idaho Malt 2-row barley, french chocolate malt, roasted barley Sun Valley, ID

Boise Brewing Snowboarder Porter 6.3% ABV: chocolate style porter with hints of coffee and sweet caramel. Boise, ID

Big Sky Brewing Moose Drool 5%ABV: American brown ale brewed with four different malts and hop variations, light on the palate, subtle coffee and coca notes balanced with a pleasant bitterness. Missoula, MT

McCall Brewing Say Whut Coco Porter 6.4%ABV: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua....ummm whut?? McCall, ID

Sockeye Brewing Winterfest 7.2%ABV: A uniquely hoppy strong ale with a dry but substantial darker malt base, warming and spicy without being spiced, a perfect cold weather sipper. Boise, ID

Mother Earth Brewing Co. Renowned Brown 5.8%ABV: rich amber brown hued ale with aromas of sticky-toffee pudding and pecan-praline are complemented with apple brandy and toasted bread. Boise, ID

inside the taproom

All Lost Grove Beers, Ask the bartender for info

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