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Jay Rasgorshek: Lost Grove’s 2023 Artist in Residence

Barrel-aged beer bottles featuring local artwork on the labels
2022 Barrel-Aged Beer Series with artwork from Miguel Almeida.

Last year, we tried some new things. We started our barrel-aged program and released 5 amazing and unique barrel-aged brews. Plus, we launched our Bottle Club so that barrel-aged beer lovers could get two of each of our releases. For the labels, we tried something else new - we launched our artist-in-residence program! This program was set up to pair two things we love: Beer and local art.

In our first year, we were honored to have Miguel Almeida serve as our very first artist-in-residence. He made amazing artwork for our labels and we couldn’t be more proud of the final product.

Moving into next year, we are excited to announce that Jay Rasgorshek has accepted the position of Lost Grove Brewing’s 2023 Artist in Residence.

About Jay Rasgorshek

Jay is a scientific illustrator who lives in Boise. In his own words, "I paint as a way to commune with my surrounding environment. My pieces are light hearted distillations of my experiences in nature through a scientific lens. I obsess endlessly about systems, interactions, and collections and translate that raw passion into my mark making at a breakneck speed. Through this art making process I create a product that is uniquely finger printed.

This finger print can be found in several different forms within my work. The hurried impressionistic mark making of my en plein air paintings while capturing the light. The graphicness of my murals conveying the subject, but leaves enough abstraction and color to catch the viewer’s attention at a variety of distances. My editorial work holds enough technical prowess to draw in the experts while I inject contemporary color and style schemes to lure in the general populace into the article.

My philosophy of art making is tied to how I edit and celebrate the world. I embrace cross medium influences in order to create a stronger artistic message. I celebrate vibrant colorscapes and dancing composition to create an intrinsic narrative in my work."

Explore Jay’s artwork and learn more

Find me on Hive @jrasgorshek

Welcome, Jay!

About the Artist in Residence Program

Lost Grove’s Artist in Residence program was created to use something we love (beer) to support something else we love (local art). We see amazing art coming up in the Gem State and want to support local artists by showcasing their work and paying them for use of their art.

Our Artist in Residence will be a member of the Lost Grove team for the year. The primary responsibility will be to provide artwork for our 5 barrel-aged beers, but we hope to work closely with the artist to display and sell art, hold classes, have art-focused events, and more! Sign up for Lost Grove’s emails to stay in the loop about upcoming events.



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