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Jennifer Parks:Lost Grove’s 2024 Artist in Residence

In 2022, we tried something new. We started our barrel-aged program and released 5 amazing and unique barrel-aged brews. For the labels, we tried something else new - we launched our artist-in-residence program! This program was set up to pair two things we love: Beer and local art.

In our first year, we were honored to have Miguel Almeida serve as our very first artist-in-residence. He made amazing artwork for our labels and we couldn’t be more proud of the final product. Last year Jay Rasgorshek shared his talents with us and brought a unique and fresh vision to the program.

This year we are excited to announce that Jen Parks has accepted to be our 2024 Artist in Resident.

About Jen Parks

Jen is a pyrography artist, which in her words "is a fancy term for wood burning." Hailing from Meridian, Jen is a Treasure Valley native who earned a bachelors degree in Art and Art Education from the College of Idaho. She has been a professional tattoo artist for 17 years.

Jen found her passion for pyrography during covid as her tattoo studio had to shut down temporarily. "During covid...I started wood burning to keep my hand in shape. I fell in love with the warm feel of the wood, the similarity to tattooing, and the smell of a camp fire."

When not being easily distracted or bribed with s'mores, Jen finds that art is her meditation. "It's the only time my ADHD brain is quiet. I geek out on the details and experimenting with new mediums. I like art that takes time to look at or something that, [when you look at it] you see something different every time. I want my art to take the viewer on a mental journey and to inspire questions." "How did she get all that detail in there, how long did this take, how many hidden images can I find?"

We are excited to have Jen be our third artist in this series and our first female!! Be sure to check in and see what she creates for our delicious barrel aged beers. In the mean time, you can check our Jen's work below.

Explore Jen's artwork and learn more

Welcome, Jen!

About the Artist in Residence Program

Lost Grove’s Artist in Residence program was created to use something we love (beer) to support something else we love (local art). We see amazing art coming up in the Gem State and want to support local artists by showcasing their work and paying them for use of their art.

Our Artist in Residence will be a member of the Lost Grove team for the year. The primary responsibility will be to provide artwork for our 5 barrel-aged beers, but we hope to work closely with the artist to display and sell art, hold classes, have art-focused events, and more! Sign up for Lost Grove’s emails to stay in the loop about upcoming events.

Bottle line up as of October 2024 with artwork by Miguel ('22) and Jay ('23).


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