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Eight Barrels of Beer on the Wall, Eight Barrels of Beeeeer!

We are excited to share that in 2022 Lost Grove will be releasing our very first barrel-aged beers! This is a project we have been dreaming of for a while and we are so excited to share these delicious brews with you.

Barrels - lost grove brewing boise idaho

Our First Release

The first of our barrel-aged beers is Yersinia, an imperial stout aged in whiskey barrels. We already have Yersinia brewed and barreled, so head on down to the taproom and sneak a peek at the whiskey barrels stacked in the back brewery space!

Yersinia is a delicious stout with notes of milk chocolate, dark fruit, and toffee and is 10.2% ABV. After 3 months chillin’ in a whiskey barrel, Yersinia will come out with added notes of oak, vanilla, bourbon, and fruit and will be up to 11% ABV. DELICIOUS!

Too excited to wait until February to try Yersinia? Come down to the taproom the first weekend in November for an exclusive first taste! We set aside a single keg of Yersinia before putting the rest into barrels and we will be tapping our one and only keg this weekend. Come try our delicious pre-whiskey-ed Yersinia stout while the keg lasts!

Lost Grove’s 2022 Barrel-Aged Beers

And now, without further ado, here is the full lineup of Lost Grove’s barrel-aged beers to look for in 2022!

  • Imperial Stout Aged in Wheat Whiskey Barrels - February release: Yersinia!

  • Double Teddy Bear Picnic Aged on Tequila Barrels - April release

  • Big Saison Aged in Gin Barrels - July release

  • Maple Bourbon Imperial Breakfast Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels - October release

  • Barley Wine Aged in Rum Barrels - December release

The Bottle Club

Our plan is to release 5 barrel-aged beers each year. And we have our lineup drafted for 2022 (pending availability of barrels or other unanticipated hiccups). If you are a barrel-aged beer lover, keep an eye out for our bottle program, which we will be launching the day after Thanksgiving.

The first 50 people to sign up for the bottle club will be able to join for just $100, ensuring you will get two of each of our barrel-aged beer series -- an unbeatable price for barrel-aged beer! After those first 50, bottle club memberships will go up to $135.




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