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Lost Grove Brewing is Carbon Neutral

We are so excited to announce that Lost Grove Brewing is now a carbon-neutral brewery!

Lost Grove worked with the startup ClimateHound to calculate our carbon emissions and fund offsets that reduce our carbon footprint through supporting carbon-negative projects that impact the food and beverage industry.

Our Why

In January of this year, we announced that Lost Grove became the first Certified B Corporation brewery in Idaho. This is an accomplishment we are incredibly proud of and it represents a commitment we take seriously. Part of being a B Corp is a commitment to continually seek ways to support sustainability and reduce environmental impact at our local business.

When ClimateHound approached us and offered us a path to carbon neutrality, it was a no-brainer for our team. We were ready to put our money where our mouth is and invest our resources into offsetting our impact.

What Does This Carbon-Neutral Certification Mean?

We understand that making beer is resource intensive. In fact, the food and beverage industry makes up nearly a third of carbon emissions across the planet. We are invested in being part of a solution that supports a cleaner future.

By working with ClimateHound, we are certified as carbon neutral in an annual process based on our previous year’s carbon emissions. Calculating, reducing, and offsetting our emissions is something we look forward to doing each year. Using the ClimateHound platform to track our carbon footprint will also help us set reduction goals for the future and continually find ways to reduce our impact.

According to their website, “ClimateHound carbon neutral certification means a company is making choices to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases they generate, offsetting their impact by funding projects and technologies that lower the level of these gases in our shared atmosphere, or BOTH. When you’re carbon neutral, you’re not adding to the planet’s warming – and you might even be helping to reverse it.”

Founder and CEO of ClimateHound, Palmer Fox added, “We're excited to welcome the Lost Grove team as partners in this effort. Lost Grove has already positioned itself as a leader with its B Corp status, and going carbon neutral helps to set a new standard for the brewing community.“

What’s Next

When we made the commitment to become a B Corp, we knew that meant we would constantly be looking for ways to improve. We are so excited to find this partnership with ClimateHound which helped us tackle our goal of becoming carbon neutral.

Up next, we are working on an annual report to discuss our victories and areas we want to improve in the coming years. We are excited to share our journey with you.

Come Celebrate With Us!

Head down to the taproom this week to raise a glass and grab a slice. There’s no better way to celebrate than with a cold beer and a slice of delicious handmade pizza. See you at the brewery.


Interested in Becoming Certified Carbon Neutral?

If you own a food and/or beverage business and are interested in getting your carbon-neutral certification, reach out to us at and we're happy to chat about our experience. Or contact ClimateHound directly and get your carbon-neutral certification. It's an accessible and meaningful way to make a difference!



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