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leave the right

our mission

It's not just about the beer.

Our vision is for sustainable practices that help the environment, socially responsible efforts that positively impact our communities, and brewing innovative recipes that people from all walks of life can enjoy.. We work tirelessly to bring these components together to help everyone find their lost grove and leave the right footprint as we each carve our own path through this journey of life.

the b corp declaration of interdependence

b the change

We envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good.

This economy is comprised of a new type of corporation – the B Corporation –

Which is purpose-driven and creates benefit for all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

As B Corporations and leaders of this emerging economy,

we believe:

That we must be the change we seek in the world.

That all business ought to be conducted as if people and place mattered.

That, through their products, practices, and profits, businesses should aspire

to do no harm and  benefit all.

To do so requires that we act with the understanding that we are each dependent on 

another and thus responsible for each other and future generations.

weekly kegs for good

Powerful pints

Lost Grove’s Powerful Pints is an innovative program designed to not only raise funds for local non-profits, but to raise awareness about the amazing work these groups are doing in our city.  The first Tuesday of each month, one of our partner non-profits will join us for our Powerful Pints night at the brewery.  Lost Grove will not only donate 50% of proceeds that night, but will also give our customers a chance to learn more about some amazing local foundations.  In addition to our Powerful Pints night, we will continue to donate $2 for every beer purchased from a designated tap handle for the rest of the week.  Every donation week will be capped off with Lost Grove donating a keg to one of our favorite local restaurants or bars, with proceeds from the keg being added to the final donation total. 

For more information or to suggest a worthy non-profit, please email: 

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