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The Beer

local. fresh. different.

At Lost Grove Brewing, our passion for sustainable practices that positively impact the environment and our community is paramount in every decision we make during the brewing process.  From sourcing all the way to the tap we pledge to reduce waste, buy local, and use our brand for good.

Lost Grove Brewing

Lost grove Ipa Series

the hoppy stuff

Aromatic and complex the Lost Grove IPA Series displays a variety of hops in a deliciously

citrusy series of bold and adventurous beers perfect for whatever.

Lost Grove Brewing

Acid Raindrops sour series

Funky Fresh

At Lost Grove, we think normal is boring, so we are flipping the script with our

Acid Raindrops Sour Series. Crazy days call for crazy beers.

Lost Grove Brewing

social club session series

get down and drink up

Light and smooth, the Social Club Session Series goes down easy all day.

So get down with the get down and drink up.

The Lost Series.png

the lost series

some things are too good to last

This eclectic group of one off-ers, misfits, and experimental beers are in a category of their own, although originality may be the only characteristic they share.  Get them while you can, because the lost ones are only passing through, but who knows, maybe a few will stick around for a bit.   

Lost Grove Brewing
For the people, by the people

the people series

Each beer in The People Series is a collaboration with one of our favorite Idahoans.  We're not bragging, but we know some pretty cool people that are doing some pretty great things and we'd like to introduce you.  Trust us, you're gonna love em'.