Dancing on the sun

strawberry tangerine kettle sour

4.1% ABV
Grain: 2-row, wheat 

This bright and flavorful kettle sour is fresh and easy-drinking. Enjoy the sweet strawberry taste with a splash of fresh tangerine for a delightful and tasty beer any sour lover is sure to enjoy.  

LG-Sour (2).jpg

Citrus Sunrise


Created in collaboration with Idaho Kombucha, Citrus Sunrise is a combination of our Dancing on the Sun Strawberry Tangerine Kettle Sour and Idaho Kombucha's Ginger Fennel & Orange Alehouse Kombucha. This Kom-beer-cha is sweet and a touch sour with a super low ABV. Perfectly light and friendly for kombucha and beer lovers alike! 

2.5% ABV
Grain: 2-row, wheat